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In response to our customers' requirements, we offer a wide range of processes and services to go with the contract-refining of oils and fats:

. Transportation

Covering all transportation issues if you prefer us to do that for you
Franco delivery of both bulk and packed goods at your request

. Product storage

Temporary storage of raw materials or finished goods in bulk tanks
Temporary storage of packed products and packaging materials

. Import/export

Providing import/export documents at your request
Managing customs inspections at our premises
FDA-registered for exports to US
Authorised economic operator

. Cleaning and weighing

Providing weighing services for tank cars
Arranging for your transport to be (Kosher-) cleaned

. Sampling service

Arranging for your samples to be taken by independent surveyor
Sending your samples by courier or mail

. Product analyses

Arranging for your products to be analyzed on any quality parameter as per your specific request

. Parcel certification

Arranging for inspection and/or documentation at your request for certification at parcel level against:
- various Kosher standards
- various national Organic standards

. Packaging materials

Arranging for your packaging materials to be cleaned for re-use
Providing you with new packaging materials, such as:
- 1,000 ltr IBC-containers
- 200 ltr (coated) steel drums
- 200 ltr HDPE drums
- 20 - 25 kgs coated steel drums
- 20 - 25 kgs HDPE quadratainers
- 25 ltr plastic pails
- 25 kgs carton boxes
- or any other packaging you might require.