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The Zaanlandse Oil Refinery (ZOR) has been refining oils since 1930. It is situated on the banks of the Zaan-river, just outside Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. Industrial activities have been going on in this region since the first windmills were used here to crush grain, seeds and beans and to saw wood. The area has traditionally been known for its food processing industry.

1930 May 19th, first meeting of founders and stockholders of the Zaanlandse Olieraffinaderij in Sociëteit Parklaan in Zaandijk.
  August 13th, founding of “N.V. Zaanlandse Olieraffinaderij”, a company dedicated to the refining and trading of oils and fats.
1950 After the war, the ZOR resumes the refining of vegetable oils and expansion is found in the production of salad dressings.
1957 Stuurman Cacao, the neighbouring cocoa company, acquires the majority of ZOR stocks, with an aim to use part of its processing capacity to refine cocoa butter.
1964 The old processing facilities are replaced by a brand new refinery installation.
1979 By acquiring ownership of Stuurman Cacao, Gerkens Cacao also becomes the owner of what now is the “Zaanlandse Olieraffinaderij B.V.”. Gerkens Cocoa is fully owned by General Cocoa since 1975.
1980 Growing demand is facilitated by investments in additional crude oil storage tanks…
1980 …and the commissioning of a second refining unit, doubling the plant’s refining capacity.
1986 Cargill Inc. acquires General Cocoa and its subsidiaries, including the ZOR.
1986 The ZOR continues to grow, building a warehouse for packed goods and new storage tanks.
1992 ISO-9002 certification with Lloyd’s as well as Skal-certification for organic production methods.
1995 The quayside alongside the premises is widened in order to make the tank storage area accessible for ships and to enable further expansion of the production facilities. A cocoa liquor melting- and packing unit is commissioned.
1996 Third refining unit is erected to enhance plant’s refining capacity yet again.
2002 New cocoa liquor melting facility is commissioned, replacing the existing melting unit.
2003 Existing ISO-9002 certificate is upgrade by Lloyd’s to the ISO 9001:2000 standard. HACCP study finalized. Major investments in environmental projects, including energy reduction and water treatment plant.
2004 Expansion of laboratory facilities. Upgrade of fat filling installation.
2005 August 13th, the ZOR celebrating its 75th anniversary.
2006 Installation of a pilot plant.
2008 Installation of a new tempering unit in the fat-packing line.
2009 installation of a new tempering device for cocoa liquor packaging line.
2010 investment in a new membrane filter press for cold filtration (winterisation) process.